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Bienvenidos a mi humilde, pero no choto, blog. Bue.. eso de choto es segun el punto de vista de cada uno. En este blog voy a postear todos mis mapas, mapmodels y demas cosas que haga para AC. Disfruten.

Welcome to my blog. I will share my maps, mapmodels, etc. here. Enjoy. :D


jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

[Map] ac_europa_v2 [MAP CHECK FAIL!]

Well, it works for multiplayers at the beginning, but now.. idk I screw it XD So, due to the map restrictions, this map will never be playable on multiplayer. Yeah, yeah... I dont want to use the "wall glitch". I never used that kind of thing for my maps and this will not be the exception. nope.
If you are interested to see the map, here are some screenshots:


I made a custom mapmodel for it.. :(